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Ashley and Caren, Co-Founders and Executives of Rising Reg, are athletes, entrepreneurs, and event enthusiasts. Ashley is a USA Triathlon Certified Race Director and a Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) Certified Race Director with 10+ years of experience in the event management industry, primarily focused on endurance sporting events. Caren is a Microsoft Certified Professional with 15+ years in the software industry.

We live an active, healthy, and positive lifestyle that thrives on the event industry.  Locally, nationally, and worldwide, whether it’s managing an event, participating in a race, attending a festival, or hosting a fundraiser; multiple events per month in any community in any region can be quite costly.  We empathize with this on both sides, as event managers and event participants.

Combining our passion for managing and participating in events, we have developed an online registration portal now known as Rising Reg.  Our mission in establishing Rising Reg is to provide a sheek and professional online resource to connect and inspire people to fulfill their active lifestyle in a LARGE capacity at an affordable price.  The features and customization of Rising Reg surpass those of its competitors, while remaining seamless for a first time event manager and event participant; encompassing all their needs, wants, and wishes.

Not too long after we met, and started discussing our life, our dreams, and our goals we realized we were both passionate about creating a business that encompasses our lifestyle.  Our ideas, our experience, and our knowledge all came to fruition over a 10 month span.  We started developing this business into everything we are passionate about. We are very proud and happy to announce the launch of Rising Reg to the online event community!

Now go register for an event!  Good Luck and have fun!

Ashley Steeves & Caren Napolitano